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About the Tulsa City Council

On February 14, 1989, Tulsa voters approved the most sweeping changes in city government since the original 1908 charter. A new council-mayor form of government was chosen to replace the outdated city commission.

The mayor acts as chief administrator, prepares the initial draft of the operating budget for City Council review, and is in charge of all administrative departments, including, but not limited to: Police, Fire, Finance, Human Resources, Airport, Working in Neighborhoods, Planning and Development and the City Attorney's Office. The current mayor is G.T. Bynum.

The city auditor regularly reviews the city's financial activities for efficiency, effectiveness and legality. Findings of any investigations are reported to the mayor and the City Council. The current city auditor is Cathy Carter.

The Tulsa City Council functions as the legislative branch of city government, is the governing body of the City of Tulsa and essentially acts as the Board of Directors for the City of Tulsa. The City Council passes all local laws, reviews and approves the city's annual budget, monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of city operations and conducts investigations. Councilors also listen to concerns and suggestions from the residents of their districts. The Council consists of nine city councilors. The current Chair is Lori Decter Wright (District 7) and the Vice-Chair is Crista Patrick (District 3).

In November 2009, Tulsan's voted to change the City Charter to end staggered terms for city councilors. Since 2014, all city councilors elected serve two-year terms.

In 2004, the City Council started Tulsa's first government access channel to provide citizens information about their city government. Tulsa Government Access Television (TGOV) now broadcasts on Cox Digital Cable channel 24, as well as online via live streaming and on-demand services at tgovonline.org. All City Council meetings and standing committee meetings, which are scheduled on Wednesdays, are broadcast live on TGOV.

The City Council offices are located on the fourth floor of City Hall in One Technology Center at 175 E. 2nd St. in downtown Tulsa.

Mailing address:

175 E. 2nd St., 4th Floor
Tulsa, OK 74103