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Legal Disclaimer

The Tulsa City Council has established links to external web sites for informational purposes only as a public service to its constituents or visitors. Links to these web sites are provided as a tool to help visitors explore the wide range of information available and make informed choices about issues related to the Tulsa City Council or the City of Tulsa. The Tulsa City Council is not responsible for any content on web servers outside of the Tulsa City Council office. Links are provided at the discretion of the Council Staff.

The Tulsa City Council will not link to sites that exhibit hate, bias, or discrimination. The Tulsa City Council reserves the right to deny or remove links if there is any indication of misleading or unsubstantiated claims, or if it is judged by the Tulsa City Council to be in conflict with the Tulsa City Council's mission as a legislative body or its own rules and order of business.