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This article was archived on 10/26/2016

City of Tulsa Launches Tulsa311, New Customer Service Network

Tulsa residents can now utilize Tulsa311, a network comprised of multiple platforms to contact the City of Tulsa for reporting city issues and requesting city services.

Tulsa311 - Easy reporting.

  • Self-serve Website - www.Tulsa311.com
  • Mobile App - Compatible with Android and iOS systems
  • Phone - Dial 311 from a cell phone or landline
  • Chat - Available from the City's website, www.cityoftulsa.org. The chat feature is available to customers during regularly scheduled business hours.

The new Tulsa311 self-serve website is an easy way for citizens to contact the City for any issue, such as potholes, high grass, etc... With a registered account, citizens can manage and receive updates on service orders they submit to the City of Tulsa.

For the first time in City history, citizens can now report city-related issues using mobile smartphones and online chat. The Android app is currently available for download in the Google Play store and the iPhone app is available for download in the Apple Store. Both mobile applications are free to download for users and citizens can search for the app with the keyword Tulsa311 (no space).

With the launch of the new customer relations management system, the 311 phone exchange will be used as the City's new customer service line and replace the Customer Care Center phone exchange, (918) 596-2100. The Customer Care Center (formerly Mayor's Action Center) phone exchange will remain active for a limited time and reroute to 311.

Phone numbers associated with emergency and utility services will remain the same and continue to be answered by trained agents in their respected fields. Citizens should continue to contact 211 for health and human service needs.

  • Police, Fire, Medical Emergency - 911
  • Police Non-Emergency - (918) 596-9222
  • Refuse & Recycling - (918) 596-9777
  • Water & Sewer - (918) 596-9511

Internally, Tulsa311 also provides conveniences for agents and City departments. With the new customer relations management system, Tulsa311 agents now have an internal "knowledge database" to help answer citizen questions consistently no matter which agent answers the question. Before Tulsa311, agents would answer citizen questions from personal knowledge or experience.

"Tulsa311 will transform the way citizens communicate with the City of Tulsa and we will be looking at additional interactive features in the future to enhance the customer experience," Michael Radoff, Customer Care Center Director said. "I can't say enough about City staff that invested their days and nights to make Tulsa311 a reality."

The City of Tulsa created a Tulsa311 video tutorial that provides instructions for citizens to use the self-serve website, mobile app and phone platforms.