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This article was archived on 5/6/2014

City of Tulsa Moving Mulch Site to Larger Location


The City of Tulsa will have a brand new home for the City's Mulch Site beginning Wed. June 11, 2014. The location for the new site is 2100 N. 145th E. Ave.

The City of Tulsa has been offering yard waste disposal options at various locations for Tulsa residents since 1994. In 20 years, the City has moved the mulch operation five times due to land space and growth restrictions.

The new site is a 400 acre property in Tulsa located between 129th E. Ave. and 145th E. Ave., north of Pine St. The acreage available at the current mulch site location is only 50 acres.

The new location, once privately-owned, had been used by the Water & Sewer, Stormwater and Streets departments for rock and dirt disposal since the 1980s. Beginning this year, City departments had to seek a permanent location for rock and dirt disposal or have to pay dumping fees at another location that would incur additional costs to the city.

The use of this location is multifaceted, as it will serve as the new mulch site for the public and serve as the primary disposal site for City departments to dispose of rock and dirt from city projects. This site helps consolidate operations and duplicated functions across City departments by having one disposal site, which reduces truck operation costs between various disposal locations within the city.

The new site was purchased by the Water & Sewer and Stormwater enterprise funds. The Water & Sewer and Stormwater departments are allowing the use of the property for the Solid Waste section to house the mulch site.

The mulch site is currently located at 10401 E. 56th St. N. and has been at this location since 2005. The last full day at the current mulch site will be Tues., June 10 and the City's new mulch site will be open for business on Wed., June 11 at 7:30 a.m.

In 2013, the mulch site served 21,643 commercial customers, 42,868 residential customers and has produced 395,360 cubic yards of mulch from yard waste.

The mulch site will continue to be open seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. except for city observed holidays. The site is free for Tulsa residents to dispose of yard waste who show a driver's license with a Tulsa address or City of Tulsa utility bill. Residents can also receive mulch and firewood for free.