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This article was archived on 10/1/2014

City of Tulsa Receives Public Safety Grant for 61st and Peoria

Councilors Cue and Bynum joined other city officials to announce the City of Tulsa will receive $100,000 through the Byrne Crime Innovation Planning Grant for the 61st and Peoria neighborhood.

The grant will provide funding for crime analysis, which will help form a strategic plan outlining specific data-driven and evidence-based interventions to help reduce violent crime.

Over the next 18 months, the Tulsa Police Riverside Division, South Peoria Neighborhood Connection Foundation and the City of Tulsa Grants and Human Rights divisions, will work with the University of Cincinnati to develop the strategic plan.

The City of Tulsa was competing with large metropolitan cities for this Department of Justice grant. After the first phase and strategic plan is complete, Tulsa can apply for the Byrne Implementation Grant, which could be awarded up to $1 million.

Councilors Cue and Bynum have also been working steadily over the past year to improve the area through the 61st and Peoria Quality of Life Task Force, created in January 2013.