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This article was archived on 3/21/2017

Downtown Walkability Study

Read the full walkability analysis here

Watch the presentation here


Tulsa's Downtown Coordinating Council is hosting walkability expert Jeff Speck once again. Speck, a nationally acclaimed author, urban designer and city-planning expert, is coming back to Tulsa to present his comprehensive Walkability Study for the downtown area.

The presentation of his Walkability Study will be held at the Cox Business Center, in the Assembly Hall, on Thursday, March 23rd at 5:30pm. The event is free and open to the public.

Early in 2016, Speck gave a public presentation on the benefits of creating a more walkable downtown. The DCC contracted to work with Speck on creating a formalized study of the Walkability of downtown Tulsa, emphasizing on growth and development.

Speck's general theory of walkability focuses on a downtown streetscape as being useful, safe, comfortable, and interesting. Following these basic tenets, his Study focuses on cost-efficient and effective ways to improve the overall walkability of downtown Tulsa.

"A walkable downtown creates energy, encourages growth," DCC Chair Libby Billings said. "The economic and health values are tremendous, and we are excited for his findings."

During his study, Speck collaborated with City planners and engineers, local business owners, downtown visitors and residents, and traffic consulting firm Nelson\Nygaard to learn as much about the current state of downtown, as well as the demands and improvements needed.

In a recently published newsletter, Speck commented that the Tulsa study "includes the redesign, block by block, of more than 30 miles of downtown streets. This is my 14th Walkability Study in 10 years, and the best."

The DCC sought private sponsorships to fund the Walkability Study in the summer. Supporters of this study include: American Parking, American Residential Group, Brady Arts District Business Association, Brady Arts District Owners, The Hille Foundation, PSO, River City Development, The Ross Group, Sharp Development, Tulsa Development Authority, Tulsa Drillers, Tulsa Regional Chamber, Tulsa Stadium Improvement Trust, University of Tulsa, and Wallace Engineering.

The Downtown Coordinating Council is an advisory board comprised of downtown property owners that provide support and advice for planning and management of improvement, maintenance and marketing of downtown Tulsa.