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This article was archived on 3/18/2019

Tulsa City Council Meetings on Law Enforcement Equality Indicators to Start This Summer

The Tulsa City Council announced on March 18 it is working on scheduling dates for public meetings on the City of Tulsa's 2018 and 2019 Equality Indicator Reports starting this summer.

The Council voted unanimously at its March 13 meeting to hold four public meetings, one each month, for four months. Councilors will work with staff to select the best dates to hold these special meetings, which will immediately follow abbreviated, regular Wednesday 5 p.m. Council meetings.

The final schedule will take into consideration the convenience to the public, the Councilors' prior commitments and the need to avoid interference with time-sensitive business of the City.

For each meeting, the Council will hear from and ask questions of panelists of experts and professionals from a variety of fields. Public input on questions and issues the Councilors should address to each panel will be received from the public at the regular Wednesday Council meetings held a week prior to each of the special meetings.

Each special meeting will focus on the following selected equality indicators:

  • June: racial and gender disparities in police arrests of juveniles
  • July: racial disparities in police use of force and current practices to improve outcomes
  • August: minority and gender underrepresentation in the police department and current practices to improve recruitment and retention of minority officers
  • September: racial and gender disparities in police arrests of adults

The public can review the meeting proposal adopted by the Council and watch the Council's final committee discussion of the proposal via the following links -->

Proposal - http://tulsacouncil.org/media/120153/public_meetings_equality_indicators_proposal.pdf

Discussion on TGOV - https://cityoftulsa.viebit.com/player.php?hash=jAnMBHtf78Og

Discussion on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tulsacitycouncil/videos/2154701907956493/