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South Tulsa Road Projects

The following South Tulsa construction projects - ongoing, upcoming or recently completed - can be reviewed in detail here or via the interactive map via the City of Tulsa's Improve Our Tulsa campaign (map accessibility may be limited temporarily but is expected to be repaired soon).

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• Project Update as of: February 14, 2022

• Project Scope: Replacement of waterlines, rehab concrete pavement, ADA sidewalk modifications and traffic signal upgrades

• Funding Details: STP Federal Funds and Improve Our Tulsa ($1,747,000)

• Project Update as of: March 15, 2022

• Project Scope: Concrete patching

• Start Date: April 15, 2021

• Projected Completion Date: February 2022

• Funding Details: Improve Our Tulsa ($2,228,000)

• Project Update as of: July 19, 2022
  ○ Traffic Control: Intermittent closure of outside lanes as punchlist is addressed.
  ○ Construction Activities: Contractor resolved sag in sanitary line near Clarehouse. Restoration at the Clarehouse complete. City working with neighborhoods on ancillary drainage and landscaping issues. Street-cut permits were processed for grading under fence. All desired grading work is complete.

• Project Details: Five lane with sidewalks on both sides of the road

• Start Date: August 19, 2019

• Projected Completion Date: July 2022

Funding Details: Vision Tulsa ($7,430,588.70)

• Project Update as of: November 15, 2021

• Project Scope: Asphalt overlay

• Funding Details: Improve Our Tulsa ($1,414,641)

• Project Update as of: February 14, 2022

• Project Scope: Concrete patching

• Start Date: February 15, 2021

• Funding Details: STP Federal Funds and Improve Our Tulsa ($2,987,000)

• Project Update as of: July 19, 2022
  ○ Traffic Control: Maintain one lane open in each direction.
  ○ Construction Activities: Storm: System C-1 – Underway. Sanitary Sewer: Systems 2 & 3 testing completed. Retaining wall: F-1 and G-1 – drill shafts underway. RCB-A (Large Crossing of Little Haikey Creek): South deck and apron complete. South wingwalls underway. RCB-B (Small Crossing): South half complete.

• Project Scope: Five lane with bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides of road

Start Date: July 6, 2021

• Projected Completion Date: September 2022

• Funding Details: Improve Our Tulsa ($13,893,780)

• Project Update as of: July 19, 2022
  ○ Traffic Control: Left turns allowed at intersections 81st Street & Yale and 91st Street & Yale. Yale Avenue complete closure 120 days starting 03.28.22. Re-open date of 07.27.22. Before and after total closure, maintain one lane open in each direction. TPD, TFD, EMSA, and Jenks Schools notified. Before and after total closure, maintain one lane open in each direction. TPD, TFD, EMSA, and Jenks Schools to be notified.
  ○ Construction Activities: Wall A (Canyon Creek Entrance – South): 99% Complete – Stain treatment is all that remains (to be applied Summer-2022). Wall B (Canyon Creek Entrance – North): Grade Beam and Screen Wall poured week of 02.14.22. Wall C (Cate Property – North): Clearing Complete. Wall F: Drilled Shafts completed 2/16/22. Grade Beam is ongoing. Wall M (Cate Property – South): Clearing Complete. Waterline D: To be installed as Wall F Grade Beam progresses.

• Project Scope: Divided six lane with sidewalks on both sides of the road with fall protection walls

• Start Date: November 15, 2021

• Projected Completion Date: Fall 2023

• Funding Details: Improve Our Tulsa ($29,257,000)

View the widening construction schedule here

Watch the Town Hall to discuss all aspect of this project here

View the PDF document of the Town Hall presentation here

• Project Update as of: December 7, 2021

• Project Scope: Improved intersection with turn bays, five lane with sidewalks on both sides of the road. 

• Funding Details: Improve Our Tulsa ($8,752,795)

Sometimes there are minor projects that are slated to take a week or even days to complete that we still want to keep you aware of. 

1) Yale Avenue, 101st St to 111th St

• Project Updated as of: August 24, 2021

• Project Scope: Microsurfacing and traffic striping

• Funding Details: Improve Our Tulsa ($688,478)

101st and Garnett: There will be work done in this area that is done by the County, State and Federal entities. This area's updates may be lighter but will be accounted for to the best of our knowledge on this page.

For information on ODOT projects that may impact your commute, you can find map/construction information here: https://oklahoma.gov/odot.html

Tulsa County also a number of projects separate from City of Tulsa construction. You can learn more about County projects here: https://www.tulsacounty.org/tulsacounty/dynamic.aspx?id=10380 

  1. What does "Pre-Construction" mean?
    Pre-Construction is a term used to identify the workload prior to active roadwork. This may include draft and design work, town hall presentations, bids, etc. Pre-Construction signifies that the construction project is about to begin.

  2. Can I still reach local businesses during construction?
    While road or lane closures may be daunting, the City of Tulsa is careful to ensure business access is still available for all businesses that may be impacted by nearby projects. Keep an eye out for the blue "Business Access" signs along construction routes to find the easiest way to get to your favorite local businesses.

  3. How do I follow up with questions about a project?
    You can bookmark this page to keep up-to-date with the latest information on these projects. You can also email info@tulsacouncil.org for additional questions or comments.

  4. Why are there so many projects in one area at the same time?
    There are a number of factors that make multiple projects in the same vicinity efficient and cost-saving. Some of these factors are based on utility needs, coordination with other entities (utility companies, state/county officials, etc.) or budgetary.

Sanitary Sewer Repair Scheduled to Start Monday, April 4, on South Memorial Drive at East 71st Street

Repair of a sanitary sewer line near South Memorial Drive and East 71st Street is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 4, and be completed in approximately two to three weeks. During this work, two southbound lanes and one northbound lane will be closed on Memorial Drive just north of 71st Street.