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Agendas and Minutes

Find agendas and minutes for Council Committee, and Special Council meetings below. Typically, these are posted to the web 48 hours before the meeting is scheduled to occur. Addenda to meetings will appear below no later than 24 hours before a meeting. These agendas are provided for informational purposes only and are not official postings.

View the 2021 meeting schedule here.

More specific information about meetings here.

Note: Agendas and Minutes are only available online from the year 2007 onward. If you would like a previous agenda from years prior to 2007, please contact the Council Office at 918-596-1990.

Watch meetings online: live and on demand at TGOV Online.

To speak at a meeting, click here. If you need further information regarding a meeting agenda, email the Secretary of the Council.

Security protocols: no weapons, including pocket knives, are allowed at public meetings.

Special Accommodations: Persons who require a special accommodation to participate in any Council meeting should contact Tulsa City Council Secretary Lori Doring, 175 East Second Street, Fourth Floor, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 918-596-1990 or via email at loridoring@tulsacouncil.org, as far in advance as possible and preferably at least 48 hours before the date of the meeting. Persons using a TDD may contact OKLAHOMA RELAY at 1-800-722-0353 and voice calls should be made to 1-800-522-8506 to communicate via telephone with hearing telephone users and vice versa.

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