Councilor Connie Dodson

District 6

Connie Dodson

Phone: 918-596-1926

FAX: 918-596-1964



Councilor Connie Dodson grew up in west Tulsa, but settled in east Tulsa in 1991. She and her husband have three daughters, two sons and two grandsons.

In addition to being a local business owner and longtime veterans advocate, she had a significant impact while working with state legislators on veteran bills. She was previously employed by the City of Tulsa at Tulsa Transit and is a current member of the bond committee for Tulsa Public Schools.

Dodson's interest in the Council came out of a desire to make sure the district had a voice:

"District 6 needed a voice that represented the whole community and someone with a vision for growth. I see the potential in District 6. There is untapped potential here for commercial, industrial, and residential growth. I want to see east Tulsa revitalized, and have a strong contributing impact on the economics of Tulsa," Councilor Dodson said.

In addition to being a member of various veterans groups, she has been a member of Tulsa Zoo Friends, Tulsa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Friends of the Tulsa City-County Libraries, Oklahoma Education Association, and Parent and Teacher Association.

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