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Mykey Arthrell-Knezek

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Councilor Mykey Arthrell-Knezek is a Tulsan by birth and by choice. After graduating from Booker T. Washington High School, Councilor Arthrell-Knezek lived in some of the most progressive cities in America, but, like thousands of others, came back to Tulsa to raise a family in the place he will always call home. Councilor Arthrell-Knezek has been married to his brilliant wife, Margaritte, for 11 years. They have two daughters, Muriel and Simone, who are proud to attend Tulsa Public Schools.

Councilor Arthrell-Knezek credits his parents, Dan and Claudia, for showing him what it looked like to serve the community with their 78 years of combined leadership with the Community Service Council and Family and Children Services, respectively. Councilor Arthrell-Knezek has since stepped up to the challenges of making the world he lives in better through direct service. For 18 years, he has served in schools, health departments, shelters, and neighborhoods. Councilor Arthrell-Knezek has worked with domestic violence and child abuse survivors, people testing positive for HIV and families losing their homes. These are challenges that no one would wish to face. However, because of his unconditional positive regard for his fellow human, Councilor Arthrell-Knezek says he has come out with a thirst for more.

And that service to the city has allowed him to see the big picture. “I am a city councilor because my work in the community has allowed me to see the struggles that too many residents of this city must contend with and how those struggles are connected to the way we govern,” Councilor Arthrell-Knezek said. “We need to confront the issues facing our city with compassion and connection. My daughters and all future generations deserve a good example so that they, too, can step up to the challenges of our future with compassion and care for others. We can build a better Tulsa Together.”

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