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Improve Our Tulsa 2023

This summer, voters will have an opportunity to vote on a third Improve Our Tulsa package funded by General Obligation Bonds and a sales tax extension. This Improve Our Tulsa renewal will fund improvements to identified City facilities and sites while also providing capital funding for public safety equipment and street maintenance. This extension will not raise taxes for Tulsans.

Important Dates

Below is a timeline with important dates and links to additional resources:

March 8

Discussion with Tulsa Zoo.

March 22

Mayor presentation of initial proposal.

March 29

Discussion with Streets and Stormwater regarding sidewalk projects. 

April 19

Discussion on Zink Lake, Information Technology, and Gilcrease. 

April 26

Discussion on Public Safety.  

August 8

Town Halls

​Three town halls were held to hear public feedback on the proposed Improve Our Tulsa package. Mayor Bynum presented information about the proposed package and attendees were able to meet one-on-one with department leaders and representatives. Below you can find handouts and resources from these town halls. 

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Click here to view general handouts.


Click here to view handouts from the 311 Department.


Click here to view handouts from the Gilcrease Museum.


Click here to view handouts from the Housing Department.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Click here to view handouts about Neighborhood Revitalization.

Performing Arts Center

Click here to view handouts from the Performing Arts Center.

Public Safety

Click here to view handouts about Public Safety.

Streets & Sidewalks

Click here to view handouts about streets and sidewalks.

Zink Lake

Click here to view handouts about Zink Lake.


Click here to view handouts about the Tulsa Zoo.


Facility Tour

Councilors and the Mayor toured several City facilities to discuss facility amenities, capital needs and opportunities for improvement.


Tour stops included the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, City Medical Building, Jack Purdie Police and Municipal Courts Building, Tulsa Fire Department Headquarters, garage and supply buildings, and a discussion of the proposed site for the new Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter.


Through the Improve Our Tulsa and Vision Tulsa funding packages, the citizens of Tulsa have funded the largest streets improvement program in the City's history while simultaneously making visionary investments in our community. 

With an enhanced focus on street improvements based on citizen feedback for over a decade, a few City facilities have deferred some large maintenance repairs as the City worked to address street repairs and enhancements. Following the $918.7 million first Improve Our Tulsa package, in 2019, Tulsa voters approved a second capital improvements package, the $639 million Improve Our Tulsa 2. In 2023, Tulsans will have the opportunity to vote on another Improve Our Tulsa proposal, a four-year package  that will fund critical improvements to Tulsa’s streets, City facilities and equipment, and provide funding for critical housing needs in Tulsa.


In January 2023, Mayor Bynum and the Tulsa City Council toured some facilities that are in need of repairs and a formal proposal regarding funding needs and cost engineering will be presented in the coming weeks by City departments. 

Previous IOT Project List and Maps

The projects listed below are all projects approved by voters during the November 12, 2019 election. Projects previously funded can be found on the map and non-street projects can be found under Other Projects.

Full project list and Frequently Asked Questions

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