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Wednesdays at 5pm, excluding holiday weeks | One Technology Center in downtown Tulsa


Typically, agendas are posted to the web 48 hours before the meeting is scheduled to occur. Addenda to meetings will appear no later than 24 hours before a meeting. These agendas are provided for informational purposes only and are not official postings. Supportive material can also be found using the button above. 

Note: Some agendas, minutes and backup material may not be available at this time due to the City of Tulsa ransomware attack. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Council Office via phone at 918-596-1990 or email



  • I would like to speak on an agenda item during an upcoming City Council meeting. How do I sign up to speak?
    During Regular Council Meetings, interested residents may sign up and speak to the Council regarding an item on the agenda. Before doing so, an individual must sign a Request to Speak form in person at the meeting before that item is read, provide their names and addresses and indicate whether they support or oppose that item. A speaker may sign up to speak on multiple items, but speaking time is limited to five minutes total for all items. The exceptions are Public Hearings under Section 3 and Public Comments under Section 11, which do not count against a speaker’s total five minutes. Public input is not received on agenda items during Committee meetings as these meetings are designed for information gathering and in-depth discussion amongst the Councilors. Residents may comment about any issue affecting the City of Tulsa to the Council on the Regular Council Agenda under Section 11, titled “Public Comments.” To do so, they must follow these guidelines: 1. Timing of Request Submission: A topic for the comment must be received no later than 12 p.m. (noon) on the preceding Thursday before the Council Regular Meeting. 2. Language and Content: The language of the submitted topic will be reviewed and revised to guarantee agreement with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act. Comments must regard new issues affecting Tulsa and refrain from political, commercial or similar subjects. Citizens are asked to keep comments in good taste and refrain from profanity or crude language. 3. Limitations: Only two public comment items are allowed per agenda per person to ensure the review of all agenda items. Individuals shall be limited to a total of five minutes per meeting. Re-addressing a topic previously discussed within 180 days is not permitted. More information, including the proper forms, contacts and rules, can be found here.
  • How long do I have to speak during a City Council meeting?
    You will have a total of 5 minutes to speak for the agenda items you sign up to speak on. When your 5 minutes is up, a timer will buzz. This 5 minutes does not apply to Public Hearing items. For Public Hearing items, you will have 5 minutes to speak on each Public Hearing item. This time does not count against your 5 minute limit for other agenda items.
  • I would like to speak on a topic that is not apart of the agenda. Can I do that?
    Yes. You will have the opportunity to speak during the Hearing of Public Comments portion of the meeting. You will have 5 minutes to share your thoughts with the councilors. This portion of the meeting is not streamed to TGOV or Facebook.
  • Where can I find a meeting agenda?
    Generally, agendas will be posted on the Council website 48 hours before the scheduled meeting. Addenda, or changes and additions, will appear no later than 24 hours before the meeting. These agendas are not official postings and are only for informational purposes. Past agendas and minutes can be found in this archive. Official agenda postings are available for in-person viewing Mondays on the 2nd floor of City Hall at the window to the left of the public entrance, catty-corner from the public entrance security desk. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact the Council Office via phone at 918-596-1990 or email
  • If I am not able to attend a meeting in person, is there another way for me to watch City Council meetings?
    Yes! All City Council meetings are televised live on Wednesdays (with the exception of the 4 p.m. pre-meeting) onTGOV - Tulsa Government Access Television, on Cox Digital Cable channel 24. These meetings are then broadcast again throughout the week. Check the TGOV website for more information. Meetings are also streamed on and on our Facebook page.
  • What are standing committee meetings?
    The Council holds its standing committee meetings on Wednesdays in Conference Room 411 on the 4th Floor of City Hall at 175 E. 2nd St. The meeting times for standing committees are: 10:30 a.m. Urban and Economic Development Committee 1:00 p.m. Budget & Special Projects Committee (seasonally) 2:30 p.m. Public Works Committee Committee meetings are where the Council receives reports from City staff and discusses proposed legislation items. Public feedback is not received during these meetings as they are designed for information gathering and in-depth discussion amongst the Councilors.
  • What are regular meetings?
    Regular meetings of the Council are held at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Council Chamber on the 2nd Floor of City Hall at 175 E. 2nd St. This is the business meeting of the Council where feedback from the public is received and votes on legislation are cast.
  • Where can I park if I plan to attend a City Council meeting?
    All street parking downtown is free after 5 p.m. In addition, the City of Tulsa has an arrangement with S.P.+ Parking so that people who attend the 5:00 p.m. City Council meetings on Wednesdays may park free of charge, with some exceptions, in the PAC Parking Lot (on the southeast corner of 2nd and Cincinnati). If you wish to park at the PAC Parking Lot, inform the parking attendant that you are joining the meeting and provide the attendant with your tag number. When the lot attendant leaves at 6:00 p.m., those who did not provide the attendant with their tag number will have a “pay” envelope placed on their windshield. If a person who attended the Council meeting receives a “pay” envelope, they should contact City Hall Security, who will work with S.P. + Parking to solve this issue. NOTE: When there is an event at the Performing Arts Center at the same time as a City Council meeting, the PAC Parking Lot is never free.
  • What are the rules during a City Council meeting?
    All individuals and groups addressing the Council must limit their remarks to the specific agenda topic they have signed up to discuss. Speakers should remain courteous and respectful at all times. As determined by the Council Chair, any violation of these provisions will initially result in a warning. If there is any further violation, the Council Chair shall direct the individual or group to vacate the podium and forfeit the remainder of their time available to address the Council. Likewise, the Council Chair may expel the individual or group from the meeting. No weapons, including pocket knives, are allowed at public meetings. Persons who require a special accommodation to participate in any Council meeting should contact Tulsa City Council Secretary Lori Doring, 175 East Second Street, Fourth Floor, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 918-596-1990 or via email at, as far in advance as possible and preferably at least 48 hours before the date of the meeting. Persons using a TDD may contact OKLAHOMA RELAY at 1-800-722-0353 and voice calls should be made to 1-800-522-8506 to communicate via telephone with hearing telephone users and vice versa.
  • What is the difference between Public Input, Public Hearings, and Public Comments?
    Public Input: The public can provide feedback on items placed on the agenda by City Councilors, the Mayor’s Office or Authorities, Boards, and Commissions. Public Hearings: Sometimes, the Council addresses topics that have legally required public hearings, such as the annual budget. When the Council addresses this type of item, the Council will place a public hearing on the Council agenda under Section 3. Public Comment: The public may place their own agenda item on the Council agenda. The Council cannot take immediate action on that item. However, they can add it to a future agenda for further consideration.
  • What is first and second reading on the council agenda?
    By City Charter, no ordinance can be adopted until the subject thereof has been on the agenda of the Council for two meetings. This gives the public more time to learn about ordinances and provide input before they are passed. This requirement may be waived by a vote of not less than two-thirds of the entire Council (6 votes). However, this is a rare occurrence and is included as a safeguard should there be an urgent matter.
  • What is the emergency clause?
    An ordinance or resolution can be adopted as an emergency measure when there is a need to provide for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, welfare, or safety. The vote of at least two-thirds of the entire Council (6 votes) is required to adopt any ordinance or resolution as an emergency measure. Ordinances or resolutions adopted as an emergency measure take effect at the time stated in the measure. All other ordinances and resolutions take effect not less than 30 days from the date of first publication.
  • I'd like to give the invocation or lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a City Council meeting. Can I do that?
    Yes! We always welcome community members to participate in our meetings. If you'd like to give the invocation or lead the Pledge of Allegiance, please email the Council Secretary at


Public Comment

Individuals who wish to speak to the Council on an item that appears on the Regular 5 p.m. Council Agenda, must sign a Request to Speak form in-person at the meeting, providing their names and addresses, and indicating whether they support or oppose the item prior to the Council addressing that item.   Citizens can also speak before the Council on any item affecting the City of Tulsa on the Regular 5 p.m. Council Agenda under Section 11, titled “Public Comments,” provided the following steps are taken: • A topic for the comment must be submitted to the Secretary of the Council either in writing, by fax, email or via the Council’s website, along with all supporting materials, no later than 12:00 noon the preceding Thursday. The form can be submitted to the Secretary of the Council when completed. • The topic should be brief, but specific enough to satisfy posting requirements under state law. The topic should be worded so an ordinary individual may understand what the topic is about (i.e. abbreviations, scientific words, etc. should be avoided).  • The language submitted by the citizen will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised to ensure compliance with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.  • “Public Comments” are intended to provide citizens with an opportunity to address the Council on new issues affecting the City of Tulsa and are not intended to provide a forum for commercial, political or similar topics.  • A citizen shall be limited to two “Public Comments” items per meeting. A citizen may not re-submit a request on the same subject matter within 180 days from the preceding request.  • The business portion of the Council’s regular meeting shall be concluded immediately after the completion of “Hearing of Appeals.” No action shall be taken on matters raised or discussed during “Public Comments” other than possibly placing such matters on a future regular meeting or standing committee meeting of the Council.  • The Council may have representatives of the City appear and speak on topics raised during “Public Comments.”

Notice of Appeal

Per the Tulsa City Council Rules and Order of Business, for an appeal to be considered by the City Council (if an appeal is permitted under City Charter or ordinance), the appellant: • must submit two (2) copies of the request in writing and all supporting documentation to the City Clerk's office (Street Level, City Hall) and have Clerk's office record both copies • must deliver a copy of the appeal, as recorded by the Clerk's office, to the Secretary of the Council (4th floor, City Hall) • deliver request for appeal to be considered by the Council in a timely manner as specified by the City Charter or applicable ordinance If you have any questions, contact the Secretary of the Council at 918-596-1990 or email

Request for Public Records

On August 10, 1995, Mayor M. Susan Savage signed Executive Order 95-04. That Order was issued to ensure that the City of Tulsa would fully comply with requirements established by the Oklahoma Open Records Act, Title 51 Oklahoma Statutes, §§ 24A.1 et seq. For more information regarding open records requests, please click here.

Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

If you would like to give the invocation or lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a City Council meeting, please fill out the form below or email the Council Secretary at

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