Established annually at the Mayor/Council Retreat, the Mayor and City Councilors discuss and establish city-wide priorities to address throughout the upcoming year. The priorities for 2022 are described below. 

City of Tulsa employee group photo


Employee Recruitment, Retention, and compensation

Potential Strategies:

  • Strategies may be multiyear and multi-faceted

  •   Department specific approach may be required

  •   Salary increases

  •   Progression options

  •   Stipends for referrals

  •   Bonus programs

  •   Education and other fringe benefits

  •   Explore second chance opportunities

  •   Automated processes


Improve Neighborhood Conditions

  • Homelessness and Housing

    • Develop short-term strategies to address increase in homelessness and explore how the City can better evaluate our investments and their outcomes

    • Continue long-term strategies to increase affordable housing and home ownership

  • Proactive City response to code violations and beautification efforts

  • Increase accountability for landlords

  • Increase utilization of volunteer programs

  • 61st and Peoria Corridor

  • Animal Welfare Operations and Enforcement

Downtown Tulsa
Tulsa Police officers holding puppies


Public Safety

  • Learn about and seek to improve response times for 911 calls or provide alternatives when appropriate

  • Improve traffic safety

  • Explore strategies to address repeat criminal offenses and their underlying causes


Economic Development- Commercial Revitalization

  • Strategic revitalization of 71st corridor

  • Process evaluation for management of economic development funds

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City of Tulsa Police Officer


Equality Indicators- Theme 4: Justice

  • Complete Council Equality Indicators recommendations and consider their budgetary impact.


Customer Service

  • Ensure our centralized customer service points of contact are appropriately staffed with properly functioning systems to meet our desired service levels.

City of Tulsa employees in a group photo
City of Tulsa employees completing a road work project


Capital Projects

  • Sidewalks

  • Parks funding for capital (lighting, amenities for gatherings) and operating costs

  • Streets, including discussions on:

    • An approach to PCI below 40

    • Incorporating planning into early stages of street design