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Improve Our Tulsa

Following two years of planning and eight public meetings across the city, Tulsa residents voted to fund the City’s basic streets and infrastructure program, Improve Our Tulsa, on Nov. 12, 2019.


The program includes funding for identified City streets and transportation systems; capital projects including public facility repairs, parks improvements, public safety and vehicle replacements, among other capital needs; and creates a standing Rainy Day fund allocation, which could be used in the event of an economic recession. 

“The City Council and I worked together through a very deliberative process to develop this program. I am grateful for all our fellow Tulsans who made their voices heard every step of the way. They told us they want better streets, so this program is overwhelmingly focused on street improvements. The balance is for things like fire trucks and police cars and safe playground equipment for kids. This is a very basic, but very important, infrastructure program that will help us build the Tulsa we want without raising our taxes,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said.

The Improve Our Tulsa renewal would run 6½ years and total $639 million; 70 percent of the funding is dedicated to street maintenance and transportation costs, including sidewalks and bridge maintenance. The remaining amount is divided into capital needs and the Rainy Day Fund allocation.

“Tulsans rely on the Council and Mayor to efficiently deliver basic government services and projects, including safe and smooth streets and sidewalks, functional police and fire equipment, and well-maintained parks and facilities. After dozens of public meetings, we believe that the projects selected in the renewal of Improve Our Tulsa best meet the needs of all Tulsans, without any tax increases. This ensures our government continues to deliver these important, basic services to all those who live and work in this place we call “home,” Tulsa City Council Chairman Phil Lakin said.

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