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Housing, Homelessness & Mental Health Task Force

Mission: For the City of Tulsa to understand the needs of the community in addressing homelessness at the intersection of housing and mental health and create a strategy for the City to best utilize its policy and legislative powers, public convening and education platforms, and financial resources to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness in contributing to broader community solutions.

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Task Force Membership

Mayor G.T. Bynum

Councilor Crista Patrick

Councilor Jeannie Cue

Councilor Lori Decter Wright

Councilor Phil Lakin

Deputy Mayor Cassia Carr

James Wagner: Working in Neighborhoods Director

Travis Hulse: City of Tulsa Housing Policy Director

Becky Gligo: Housing Solutions Executive Director & CoC Lead Agency

Michael Junk: QuikTrip Manager of Public & Government Affairs

Zack Stoycoff: Healthy Minds Executive Director

Task Force Staff

Blake Ewing: Mayor’s Office Chief of Staff

Sarah Davis: Deputy Council Administrator

Casey Clark: Council Aide

Task Force Meetings

Meeting information will be updated as they occur.

For those experiencing homelessness:


Learn more about how the City of Tulsa handles housing here.

Learn more about the City of Tulsa's Mental Health and Special Services here.

Housing Solutions homelessness data can be found here.

  • Get connected to Social Services by visiting their website here or by calling 2-1-1 or texting (877)836-2111 for live help

    • ​211 EASTERN OKLAHOMA is a free and confidential link to help for those in need, available by phone call, live chat, text message, or online search.

  • Learn more about how to apply for housing assistance through the Tulsa Housing Authority here.

  • If you see someone who might be experiencing homelessness and in need of assistance, submit a Housing Street Outreach Request through Housing Solutions here.

  • Request a mobile crisis team by calling 9-8-8.

  • If you are having continuing issues with individuals trespassing on your private property, you may fill out a Tulsa Police Department “no trespassing letter” in order to allow police to investigate and take appropriate legal action in such cases. This letter will need to be turned in to the appropriate TPD Division. 

  • If you are a landlord or tenant and need rental assistance, The Tulsa Landlord Tenant Resource Center (LTRC) provides free services in legal information, pro bono referrals, “know your rights” information for both landlords and tenants, and referrals to housing-supportive social services through the UniteUS Network. LTRC is part of Housing Solutions.

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