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City Council Recap | January 2024

The City Council met on January 10, 24 and 31 for committee and Council meetings.

Below are highlights of Council discussion and action items.




Tulsa Housing Strategy Presentation

Community Development Projects: South Memorial Road Improvements, Comanche Park Connections

Pre‐Hospital Community Healthcare Working Group: Presentation and Updates


January 24

Mayor/Council Budget Retreat

Authorizing the Parks Director to Prohibit Alcohol Use in City Parks

Neighborhood Infill Zoning for the Dawson Neighborhood (District 3)

Home Quarantine of Rabies‐suspected Animals

Nuisance Code Updates

Crutchfield Neighborhood TIF


| January 31


Provisions on Roadside Attractions in the Route 66 Overlay District

Public Safety Center Zoning Map Amendment 

Zink Lake Water Quality Communications Plan Update


| Highlights

January Star Tulsans

Pledge of Allegiance



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