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Councilors Celebrate the New Fire Station 33

This morning we held a special hose uncoupling ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of Fire Station 33, 4109 S. 134th E. Ave. The station is currently located in District 6 but will be located in the new borders of District 7 beginning in December.

Hose uncoupling is a fire service tradition similar to a ribbon cutting ceremony. Two hoses that had been hooked together are separated, or uncoupled, representing when firefighters finish extinguishing a fire, unhook the hoses, drain the water and put the hoses back on fire trucks to be ready for the next time they are needed.

“This station has been a long-time coming for the east Tulsa community and our Tulsa Fire Department,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “This new station supports our ongoing efforts to ensure all Tulsans receive timely service and to keep with our Tulsa Fire Department’s Insurance Services Offices Rating of No. 1. I want to thank the citizens of Tulsa for making this station and the staffing a priority by voting for the various funding packages that made this station a possibility.”

“The opening of Tulsa Fire Station 33 marks an important milestone in the Tulsa community's life and fire safety protection,” Fire Chief Michael Baker said. “As our city grows to the east, we are ensuring that our firefighters will not only be able to respond promptly, but also save lives and minimize the loss of property. Station 33 also reduces the demand upon the city’s busiest fire station resulting in an increased unit availability and improved firefighter health and wellness.”

Immediately following the unveiling, the 918 Day Scavenger Hunt kicked off (watch for more pictures and the winner to be announced on Monday afternoon.)

To read the full press release on the new Station 33, visit:


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