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Former City Councilor and Dedicated Public Servant Art Justis Passes Away

Former Tulsa City Councilor Art Justis, remembered for his quick wit and passion for public service, died of cancer June 6. He was 72.

Justis was the City Councilor for District Six from 1995 to 2004.

Justis was a staple as the Chair of the Public Works Committee. In a time before committee chairs rotated, Justis was often at the head of the Public Works Committee, as it was one of his passions.

As Chair of the Public Works Committee, Justis helped guide the City's capital improvements including numerous Third Penny sales tax and street improvement initiatives.

"I was deeply saddened when I learned of the loss of Art Justis, a great pillar in our community," City Council Chair David Patrick said.

"Art was a phenomenal servant and always held himself to the highest echelon to serve the citizens of Tulsa, both on and off the City Council. It was truly an honor to be under the leadership of Art as my mentor, serve with Art on the Tulsa City Council as my colleague and now to truly call him my friend," Patrick said.

"Former District Six Councilor Art Justis' imprint in Tulsa will be truly missed, but his lively spirit will always live on," current District Six Councilor Skip Steele said.

"Art was a diligent leader that worked methodically to make Tulsa a better place for all," Steele said.


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