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Honoring Outgoing City Councilors

On November 30, 2022, outgoing City Councilors were recognized for their hard work and efforts over the course of their previous terms. Councilors were given commemorative plaques as a token of appreciation. Outgoing Councilors include Kara Joy Mckee of District 4, Mykey Arthrell-Knezek of District 5, and Connie Dodson of District 6.

Councilor Kara Joy McKee

The Tulsa City Council honors Kara Joy McKee for her service as the City Councilor for the citizens of District 4 and the City of Tulsa.

From the moment she decided to run for the Tulsa City Council, Kara Joy McKee had a heart for the citizens of Tulsa, especially for the diverse District 4 community. Listening and clearly communicating to those in her district was a priority throughout her two terms in office. She rallied to have the voice of each neighbor heard, no matter how big or small the topic, bringing each point of view together to make a difference in local government.

Many pursuits captured the attention of Councilor McKee. Among those she advocated for are Community Response Teams and additional mental health services for citizens. She commended and supported those citizens that worked to provide services to the unsheltered. At nearly every Council meeting, she highlighted local community events by sharing them with the public. She also routinely endorsed free transit during the opening of the Bus Rapid Transit line and at other times to reduce economic burden on citizens and increase ridership.

Councilor McKee was instrumental in the development of the City Council’s commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. This included a historic resolution intended to “repair the harms done to black Tulsans over the past century and to set us on a path to a united, thriving Tulsa for the next century.”

One of Councilor McKee’s most visible contributions to District 4 are the bicycle lanes downtown and in other areas of her district. She pushed for the creation of a Tribal Nations Relations Committee that enhanced the interaction of the City Council with local tribal governments. She formed the Neighborhood Association Leadership Alliance to connect neighborhood leaders in her district. She was one of the Co-Chairs of the Council’s Urban and Economic Development Committee, and also served on the Route 66 Commission, INCOG Board, and the Downtown Coordinating Council. Councilor McKee diligently worked during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide accurate information to citizens and, using her sewing talents, made and distributed face masks for citizens who could not afford them.

Councilor McKee is the first City Councilor, in the history of Tulsa, to give birth while holding office. She embraced both motherhood and her government position, regularly bringing her infant daughter, Tsula, to meetings. She used her experience as a working mother to advocate for local mothers and to establish the city as a breastfeeding-friendly environment by sponsoring a resolution.

“Feel the fear and do it anyways” is an ethos that propelled her work in bringing people together and showing courage in her convictions. Councilor McKee is driven by her desire to have her constituents heard, “even those who are not comfortable voicing their concerns.”

The City of Tulsa, the Tulsa City Council, Council Staff, and the citizens of Tulsa are grateful to Kara Joy McKee for her fervent commitment to Tulsa.

Councilor Mykey Arthrell-Knezek

Councilor Connie Dodson


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