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City Releases Request for Proposals for Low-Barrier Shelter, Case Management Program

The City has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for professional services to operate a non-congregate low barrier shelter and case management program.

This Program is referral-based for unsheltered individuals unable to access other available services, specifically due to their mental or physical health limitations.

“In Tulsa, we are working to make sure everyone who wants shelter has access to it,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “As we work to combat homelessness and housing needs in our community, we are eager to launch a low-barrier shelter staffed with professionals who will get people off the streets and into a stable environment where they can get back on their feet.”

The estimated low-barrier shelter capacity for services is around 50-75 households. The Program will act as a navigation center to provide opportunities for intensive onsite case management and healthcare along with embedded services to help connect clients to the most appropriate permanent housing option.

The services provided to each participant will be unique to their individual situation. The goal of the Program is to resolve the root cause(s) of each participant’s homelessness and to help locate and prepare them for permanent housing within 120 days of entering the Program.

The RFP is made possible in part by discussions had in the Mayor/Council Housing Homelessness and Mental Health (3H) Task Force, which was created in January to help the City of Tulsa more effectively understand its future role in broader community solutions in Tulsa.

The deadline for organizations to submit proposals is October 25, 2023. Organizations can see the full RFP at

For more information on housing in Tulsa, visit

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