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District 8 Tour

On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, Councilors and City staff participated in a tour of District 8 to learn more about the district and its unique characteristics. The tour included the following stops:

  • 81st St. to 91st St. and Yale Ave: This widening project will create six driving lanes with one turn lane. The project is 46% complete and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2023.

  • 101st St. and Yale Ave: This widening project is complete and expanded the road from two lanes to four lanes with an additional turn lane. Before this project, it you wanted to get to the creek trail system on bike, you would have ridden in the street or through grass. Now, bike riders can get from any neighborhood in this corridor to the trails. It has improved opportunities for alternate transportation and alleviated traffic congestion due to the nearby schools and commercial areas.

  • South Tulsa Dam Project Site and Development: Councilors discussed the River Design Overlay and its potential recreation, residential, and commercial opportunities. They also viewed Torchia-Oliver Park, a City of Tulsa Park that is leased by the Metro Tulsa Soccer Club which offers leagues for all ages.

  • 121st St. and Riverside Dr.: Councilors continued their discussion of the River Design Overlay which orients development to face the river and the street in order to create walking-friendly locations.


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