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New City Council Sworn In

Nine City Councilors and the City Auditor were sworn-in Dec. 3 during a ceremony at the Lorton Performance Center at the University of Tulsa. City Auditor Cathy Criswell will serve her fourth term and four new City Councilors will begin their first:

Councilor Crista Patrick (District 3) Councilor Kara Joy McKee (District 4) Councilor Cass Fahler (District 5) Councilor Lori Decter Wright (District 7)

Five City Councilors returned to serve another two-year term:

Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper (District 1) Councilor Jeannie Cue (District 2) Councilor Connie Dodson (District 6) Councilor Phil Lakin, Jr. (District 8) Councilor Ben Kimbro (District 9)

At a special meeting immediately after the ceremony, Councilor Phil Lakin, Jr. was elected Council Chair and Councilor Ben Kimbro was elected Council Vice-Chair.

"The newly elected Councilors have a wealth of knowledge in business, philanthropy, policy and the arts," said Council Chair Lakin. "Their skills combined with the experience of our returning Councilors will be instrumental as we continue to build our City for the next generation."

For the first time in Tulsa history, the number of women elected to serve on the Council out number men by a ratio of 2-to-1. The previous Council included five women and four men, and was the first time women were in the majority.

"It is an exciting time for Tulsa that so many new, talented and dedicated people have decided to serve," said Council Vice-Chair Kimbro. "I know that as a group we will continue to serve in the same cooperative and respectful manner that Tulsans deserve."


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