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South Tulsa Dam Ceremonial Signing

Councilors Cue, Patrick, Bengel and Fowler joined representatives from the City of Jenks, City of Tulsa, the Muscogee Nation and the Indian Nations Council of Governments in signing a memorandum of understanding for the South Tulsa Dam project. The project centers on the dam, but also features a variety of other construction, like walking trails and a pedestrian bridge connecting Tulsa and Jenks.

The memorandum of understanding commits the four government entities to provide a total of $97.1 million to the project, which is expected to cross the river at approximately 103rd Street and Riverside Parkway.

The Jenks dam was one of two low-water dams funded as part of the 2016 Vision Tulsa capital improvements package. Tulsa voters approved $127.2 million for the two dams, including no more than $64.2 million for the south Tulsa-Jenks low-water dam.

The city of Jenks is contributing about $18 million and the Muscogee Creek Nation is contributing $8 million. INCOG is contributing $6 million to the project through a federal Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity grant.

The memorandum of understanding includes language stating the city of Tulsa’s intent to enter into an agreement with the Muscogee Nation to assist in the development of approximately 19.3 acres of tribal land bounded by Lewis Avenue, Riverside Drive, 81st Street and 91st Street.


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