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Tulsa City Councilors Give Back at the John 3:16 Mission

In recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday, Tulsa's City Councilors will come together tonight and serve their fellow Tulsans at the John 3:16 Mission's "Great Thanksgiving Banquet." The event will be held at the John 3:16 Mission's Men's and Women's Ministries facility, located at 506 North Cheyenne Avenue. The event will begin at 6:15 PM, and will last approximately one hour.

While the Great Thanksgiving Banquet is an annual event, its need has never been greater than in 2010. "In the past two years our economy has been hit harder than we've seen in generations, causing unparalleled levels of unemployment and homelessness," said Councilor Rick Westcott, Chairman of the Tulsa City Council. "In this time of increased need, it is all the more important that we give as we are able, and assist those in our community who need our help the most. John 3:16 and organizations throughout Tulsa play a vital role in protecting Tulsans, and ensuring they have the necessary resources during this challenging time. I'm proud that my colleagues and I have the opportunity to assist John 3:16 tonight in meeting their mission," said Westcott.

The John 3:16 Mission's "Great Thanksgiving Banquet" is an annual program, regularly serving over 2,000 Tulsans throughout the six day event. Tuesday night is the official kickoff for the Banquet, which will run through Sunday.


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