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City Council Recap | April 12, 2023

The City Council met on April 12, 2023 for committee meetings and a City Council meeting.

Below are the highlights of Council discussion and information on agenda items that action was taken on.


Urban and Economic Development Committee Meeting | 10:30am

  • Councilors met with the General Manager of Tulsa Transit to discuss current Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority operations. This discussion highlighted the upcoming Free Fare Program for passengers 18 years of age and under beginning on July 1, 2023. Also discussed was the new on-demand Micro Transit pilot program for Routes 110 & 130 for Nightline & Sunday Service that debuted on April 2. To learn more about Micro Transit visit:

  • An ordinance to appropriate $60,000 within the Pandemic Relief Recovery Fund for the Mayor's Office Language Access Program was discussed. This appropriation will help fund the new Language Access Program which is designed to give better government access to residents who’s first language is not English. The funds will primarily support the translation of vital documents that are necessary for accessing a city service, such as a water shut off notice or enrollment forms and phone interpretation for front-facing departments, such as Utilities. This item is scheduled for a vote at the April 19 City Council meeting.

  • An ordinance to appropriate about $40,000 in grant revenues from the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) to the Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities SubFund was discussed. This grant provides transportation of patients needing inpatient mental health treatment at the Crisis Care Center (CCC) of Family and Children's Services via a transportation contractor for bed to bed transportation to inpatient facilities when the CCC determines need for transfer. This item is scheduled for a vote at the April 19 City Council meeting.

  • An ordinance to appropriate $70,000 in grant revenues from the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund was discussed. This appropriation will help fund a new position focused on outreach and relationship building at the Financial Empowerment Center. This item is scheduled for a vote at the April 19 City Council meeting.

  • An ordinance to update the Residential Code for "Tiny Houses" was discussed. This ordinance will outline the specifications and requirements in the code for houses that are 400 square feet in area or less. Attention is specifically paid to features such us compact starts, including stair handrails and headroom, ladders, reduced ceiling heights in lofts and guard, and emergency escape and rescue opening requirements at lofts. Councilors asked for additional work to be done on the definition of “Tiny Houses”.

  • Councilors met with the City Attorney to discuss the Oklahoma Open Records Act and the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, including how they pertain to communications among Councilors during meetings. This also included a discussion on possible amendments to Council Rules relating to communications among Councilors. Councilors will review the amendments and place this item on a future agenda for additional discussion.


Public Works Committee Meeting | 2:30pm

  • Councilors met with Anna America, the Director of Park and Recreation, and Nick Sidorakis from the Golf Committee to discuss the Parks and Golf programs proposed in the Improve Our Tulsa package. Several areas were addressed that need improvement including parking lots and golf irrigation systems.

  • Councilors met with James Wagner, the Director of Working in Neighborhoods, and Susan Miller from the Tulsa Planning Office to discuss Neighborhood programs proposed in the Improve Our Tulsa package. Councilors received information on the new City Experience Department and the areas and projects that funding would focus on.

  • Councilors met with Terry Ball, the Director of Engineering Services, to discuss current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) projects. Terry also presented on Federal and other sources for street funding, and the impact of those funding sources on the Improve Our Tulsa package


City Council Meeting | 5:00pm

  • Council celebrated Public Safety Telecommunicator Week with a proclamation that read recognized: "Public Safety Telecommunicators are the epitome of the word “first” of the First Responders and the most critical contact. Public Safety Telecommunicators are the lifeline for our police officers and firefighters by monitoring their activities by radio, providing them with vital information and ensuring their safety as they rush to the scene. Public Safety Telecommunicators of the City of Tulsa and EMSA have contributed substantially to the apprehension of criminals, suppression of fires, and treatment of patients. Tulsa’s Public Safety Telecommunicators are available every minute of every day ready to exhibit compassion, understanding, professionalism, and guidance to callers experiencing the worst moments of their lives. Tulsa’s Public Safety Telecommunicators are the Guardians of Tulsa, ever present, ever diligent, and ever ready to serve."

  • Councilors were presented with the Monthly Status Report from the Sales Tax Overview Committee with updates on the status of voter-approved capital projects. Updates included a briefing on police and fire equipment purchases, the opening of the new Langston University health care training center, an overview of various park improvements and trails at Turkey Mountain, and current street rehabilitation projects.

  • Councilors approved a donation from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Firearms Section, to the Tulsa Police Department Forensic Laboratory of a surplus comparison microscope valued at $5,000.


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