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Council Recap | May 22, 2024

The City Council met on May 22, 2024 for committee meetings and a City Council meeting. 


Below are the highlights of Council discussion and action items.   


Urban & Economic Development Committee Meeting | 10:30am

Rezoning Application for a Public Safety Center

Resolution Approving a Loan Agreement Between the Airport and BOK Financial for Capital Projects 

Possible Ordinance Amending the Fire Prevention Code for Installing Fire Suppression or Fire Alarm System 

Discussion Regarding Abandoned Oil Wells in the Arkansas River 

Discussion Regarding Safety Concerns About Zink Lake and Water Quality Testing 


 Public Works Committee Meeting | 2:30pm



City Council Meeting | 5:00pm

FY24/25 City Budget Public Hearing 

Vote on Main Street Programs 

Vote on Proposed Standards for Route 66 Roadside Attractions 

Vote on Route 66 Commission 


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